Preserving the History and Heritage of

North Royalton, Ohio.

The North Royalton Historical Society is a non-profit (501c(3) charity serving the North Royalton community through the collection and preservation of historical evidence. Visit us today at the James Buckingham Museum.

The James Buckingham Museum

A unique look into the Smith-Rutledge House, built in 1856.

About the Homestead

James Buckingham was a founding member of the North Royalton historical society in late 1970. On September. 15th, 2015, the Smith-Rutledge house was formally dedicated as the James Buckingham Museum, in his honor. Thanks to his generosity, the society is able to continue his passionate work to preserve and record the history of the City of North Royalton from this historical heritage home. James Buckingham worked as one of the co-authors on the book ‘The History of North Royalton’ helping to compile the rich history of the city for future generations. The historical society is inspired by James Buckingham’s passion and generosity.




13759 Ridge Rd, North Royalton, OH 44133

Mail must be sent to:
P.O, Box 33181, North Royalton, OH 44133